You need to have a creative mind and be willing to work hard as this field requires too much practice at initial stage since innovative ideas are welcomed here Painting is an art which shapes on is personality. It is a skill that cannot be attained easily unless through sheer practice, and concentration. It is a skill that wakes our life more skilled and talented.


Painting (makes our mind – body relaxed) gives Relaxation to the Soul and spirit, Painting helps in Economic development Through commercialized painting sales Taking painting classes, Provides opportunities to work as Drawing Teacher, Art crafts Teacher in reputed school and institutions/colleges, Painting reflects a very rare truth unknown to all paintings, Colors have healing capacities. In this respect scientific Research studies have been undertaken and are still in progress, Colors are used as symbols of emotions in foreign counties. Cash color represents a human motion such as red for anger Green for jealousy etc in this basis colors/paintings are related to healing –both physically and emotionally mind and soul relaxation, and improve economical power


Certificate courses

1. Fundamental of Painting and Drawing

(Shapes and hand free drawing, basic coloring pen, pencil drawing, geometrical etc, To make materials art painting and drawing for glass, wood, ceramic, paper, pot, fabric, Acrylic etc, Making Handicrafts from wastage's like chock, candle, etc, fine hand writing for kids, project assist, tour with outdoor training etc.)

2. Traditional TANJORE Painting

3. Kids Craft Art and Painting

(Good hand writing, cartoon art, coloring book, and comic paint, craft painting, Posture coloring, Pencil sketching, Portrait making etc.)

4. Commercial Art (D.C.A)

(history of Indian art, advertisement board, cinema slide, banner presentation, wall drawing, stencil advertisement, book board art, chart art, greeting card art, oil painting, post card and poster color painting, screen printing etc.)

5. Modern art (D.M.A)

(Imaginary and water color art, 2D 3D 4D art, paper cutting with paint, landscape painting, cinema art, goldsmith design art, metal work art.)

6. Fine Art (D.S.A)

(Water color, oil color, argyle color, handy craft materials like wood glass stone ceramic and pot paintings, fabric color, tempera color, pastel color, grains art, nature art, shape art, body art, face reaction drawing, vanishing point drawing,shape drawing, face painting, tattoo art, animals and bird art etc.)

7. Magazine Art (D.M.A)

(News paper art, wash drawing, line drawing, dry brush drawing, collage art, font creation, layout of magazine, cover ant title create, grains and cartoon art, story board, comic’s art, concept drawing, chatter designing etc.)

Advance diploma courses

8. Art teacher training (A.T.T) research in herbal art etc,

9. Fashion and Fabric painting (A.D.F.F.P)

(Fabric paint, Screen printing like advertisement bags, T-shirts, letter pad, visiting card, batch creation, tin sheet painting, greeting card, sticker, marriage invitation, poster, flag, banners and individual picture etc.)

10. Material and Handy craft painting (A.D.M.H.C.P)

11. Computer multimedia arts (A.C.M.A)

(Using various computer software CAD for create work for commercial and professionals’ works like MS paint to advance 4D animation, and design etc.)

12. Interior and exterior design (A.I.E.D)


Fast track full time courses available for foreigners (food and accommodation will be arranged by trust) job assistance and placement service are available, professional multimedia arts center support for various economical development for students, distance learning of correspondent course will be available in printer book and DVD format, and also do entrepreneurship training skills, economic development support for self-help groups, conducting exhibition and events, studio for art, etc.


Traditional painting, herbal arts, research lab, Fine arts computer lab with internet facility Studio with multimedia for photography, and material, Exhibition space with 2000 square feet Student’s *scholarship, Art Library, Fashion technology, and multimedia 2D, 3D,using CAD, Economical support with project research and art gallery, *Free Materials, Government examination with certification, students works and support, art laboratory, etc. and old student association for organizing get-to-gather and support for society development.


For VIJAYGURU TRUST certificate - No age bar, No education qualification required.

For GOVT certificate - Minimum 10 standard pass.


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