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              vijay guru trust is  Non-Politic, Non Government social work and international voluntary services organisation since conceived in year of 1993 and registered year 2005, Govt. Registered number: 148/4, date 12 may 2005, anstered at virudhunagar number: 162/2011, Madurai district Nehru yuva Kendra registered number: 162/2011, and local public news paper of “vijayguru news” registered with RNI register number:  TNBIL/2011/35647

Our Background

                Vijay guru trust and Vijay guru youth club is rendering outstanding and extensive services in Regional, sub regional, national, and international level. Vijay Guru youth club concentrates on computer literacy health and hygiene, economic development, agricultural development, environment, women development, family welfare, wild life, education Training & workshops. We conducted workshops to enrich social awareness among people to produce Junior scientist. We have taken steps through Govt. of India, ministry of youth and sports, Nehru Yuva Kendra. Documentary films are being produced for the benefits of Youth. We have associated with several clubs and associations to highlight Arts & Culture. We are conducting exclusive programs to physically handicapped person, widow, destitute, adults, refuges, beggars, drug addicts, so that they could be rehabilitated. We are also conducting Blood donation Camp & Eye donation camps. We have been executing many Historical field trips. We are rendering services with human rights, consumer rights, and information act. Etc…

                We are also encouraging handicrafts, drawing & painting under self employment scheme. We are enacting street play, drama, mime to create awareness among public. We are conducting various competitions among school and college students. We are publishing a monthly news paper comprising various topics of daily events. A trust was established in the year 2005 and got registered. The above trust trained more than 2000 students per year in computer application. Our trust stands first in rendering social services. Our trust has rendered services with disaster communication clubs, radio club, etc… we are issuing handbills regarding drugs, drug addiction smoking etc… we are also extending our services in the field of herbal education. Aids are being given to poor and destitute. We are also giving legal awareness programs, adult education programs, and child labor awareness programs. We are inculcating awareness on conserving wild life. We are educating children about the road traffic regulation. We are guiding urban and rural people to avail the government schemes. We are helping students to get rid of exam fear.

                We are also developing cultural relationships between nations. We are doing some fund raising programs for the upliftment of poor. We have conducted dog exhibition in Rajapalayam to make awareness about rare breed of Rajapalayam dogs . we  are giving training in Yoga, traditional game of Silambam, Music, Dance and spoken English, Spoken Hindi. Our trust encourages trekking and mountaineering, rock climbing, etc… Adventurous activities are encouraged and prizes were given in public meeting. We are giving most importance to tree plantation to enhance rain fall. We are giving nature therapy for the needy people. we are going to establish FM radio for education for the sake of public. We are encouraging rain water harvesting programs through our rigorous campaign. We are doing anti pollution activities through our trust. I have been acting as a secretary of Vijay Guru Trust since 2005. I have been rendered free services through Vijay Guru Trust, Rajapalayam. I am the publisher of Vijay Guru News paper published in Virudhunager district level. I am extending services in the field of education, social and culture.  We have participated international cultural exchange program in Nepal. China, Malaysia, Singapore. I won the award for Blood Donation from local government.


                We transform lives through HIV/AIDS training care, community awareness by road show and rural meetings in SAARC countries of India, Pakistan, Nepal, Bhutan and Bangladesh. An AIDS protest road show, signature campaign, and car shows were to be held in the city in support in SAARC countries.


                Volunteer trip it is a recognized international model that sets the standards for comprehensive HIV/AIDS awareness and knowledge. Because of our work, people are empowered with HIV/AIDS in a supportive community with access to the best care and open communication research for a cure.


                To contribute towards the improvement of the quality of life and health, hygienic, clean environments and sanitation of people, and their families.


                State bank of India Rajapalayam Branch, Govt. of India Nehru yuva Kendra sangathan and our trust management team & members, voluntaries, donors etc.,

About us

                Mr. Sivakumar and Mr. Thirupathi raj, we are two persons self interested in social work and voluntary services, we didn’t need any govt fund or others funds, it a first time we need fund from NACO. We are first time to go to SAARC friendship countries for awareness and creating hard work people development, and myself i Sivakumar, had interest in social service when I was a B.Sc Hotel management college  student. So I engaged with lions club in 2000-2003 and I started the branch of lion club’s LEO Club and served a lot of social services. But in 2005 I got registration to my service and I gave up “free computer education”. I run my own local free Newspaper name of “Vijay guru news” govt. register no. TNBIL/2011/35647, At the same I am directing and producing a lot of documentary and short films and I have joined with the Indian Government’s youth development department of Nehru yuva kendra and took over a lot of social services. The important thing is, I had an interest to share the culture qualities and gave my services to the youngsters. I am also interested in women economic development of self help group motivation, naturopathy food, historical exploration research, mountaineering and trekking in HIMALAYAS. I have a sweet and bakery shop in the name of RAJAPALAYAM RAJA SWEETS since 1965





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     special members


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     Administrative staffs

     Legal advisor


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TRUSTEES (committees & governing councils)

       President and chairman (trustee)

              Sri Swamy Sivanandasaraswathi (Alias) M.M.Gurusamyraja

              Address: sri swamy sivanandasaraswathi ashram,

                          H347, sri swamy sivanandasaraswathi 2nd street,

                          Vetai venkatesaperumal kovil north road,

                          Rajapalayam – 626108. India.

                          Mobile: +91 9443545166

         General secrearty and Founder Of Vijay Guru Trust (trustee)

              MR. M.G.Sivakumar, B.Sc. (HM & CS)

              S/o. Sri Swamy Sivanandasaraswathi (Allies) M.M.Gurusamyraja

              Address: 6, subbaraja madam street,

                          Rajapalayam – 626117. India.

                          Landline number : +91 4563 222075

                          Mobile: +91 9442244966

                          E-mail id: mgsivakumar@yahoo.com


              Mrs. M.G.Vijayalakshmi

        Executive directors

              Mrs. S.S.Rajarajeswari, B.A

              Mr. S.S.Shankaranarayanaraja, B.Sc. PGDCA.

              minor. gurusurya

              minor. swetha

              minor. Srihari


              Mr. Ramshingraja

              Mr. Moorhy

              THE District Collector.


              Mr. Kitchya

              Mr. Pakyaraj

              Mr. Senthilkumaran

        Executive members

              Dr. Navaneethakrishnan raja

              Dr. Kodandaraman

              Mrs. Amutha

              Mr. Muthukrishnan

              Mr. Ravi raja (medical ravi)

              Mr. Ravi raja (book stall)

              Mr. Athiswaran


              Mr.Gopalraja (alangulam)


        Special members



        Members and / for subscribers 2009-2010












              Mrs.R.Seetha Mahalakshmi





              Mr.S.Chitambara Vadivel











        Volunteers team leaders







        Staffs (teaching / training / servicing)

              Mr.Ayyanar (Director for information technology and multimedia arts)

              Dr.Navaneetakrishnan Raja (alternative medicine, yoga, also to teach language of Hindi,
                  Malayalam, kannadam, telugu, English, powerments programmer)

              Miss.Umamaheswari (fashion technology,)

              Mr.Pakyaraj (painting and drawing)

              Mrs.Eswary (information technology)

              Miss.Panjawarnam (information technology)

        Administrative staffs

              Mr.Jahadeshraj (public relation officer)

              Miss.Maheswari (office assistant)

        Legal advisor / advocate

              Mr.  J.Anand, B.Sc. B.L.


              Mr. Saravanan, C.A.

        Our Bank

              STATE BANK OF INDIA

              Account number:  30563087976

              Commercial branch, RAJAPALAYAM.

Facilities and futures


              Application form free

              Admission free

              Registration free

              Attendance form free

              Tuition free

              Examination free

              Certification free

              Suggestion form free

              Internet free

              No compulsory donation

              No caution/security deposits

              Records maintainous free

              Handling and processing free

              Computer handling free

              Audio visuals free

              No hidden charges

              Electricity charges free

              rent charges free

              Mobile phone laptop charging free

              Training free

              Materials free

              Free Award and appreciations

              Information and counseling free.


              Non-rent Total areas are more than 3000 square feet for
                  indoor, 6000 square feet for outdoor.

              Drinking water free

              Vehicle Parking, footwear safer free

              Toilets free

Multipurpose E-Application return submit form main checklist

              Application number is important keep minded this maybe
                  feature use for your reference number

              Read full form carefully before filling your application form

              Please fill separate form for each or every services

              Only Peats your latest passport size photo, do not use staplers or pins to attach your photos

              Any indents proof copy and address proof copy must be furnish or attach your application

              Unfilled, unattached photo, proof of address and identity return e-forms are rejected

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