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Fundraising options for NGO

10 easy chapters for how to do...

Three month online NGO certificete course on your request..

1, Local/public people’s or member's direct fund,

2, Other large companies (for income tax exemption),

corporate social responsiblity companies and non profitable companies

large tax paying companies

3, Foreign aid (FCRA from MEA),

4, Govt. funds (central or state or local),

5, Doing non-profit business (society fund of SHG),

6, Fundraising events/shows/festivals,

7, Via Internet,

social media integration

8, Foreign Service exchange/voluntary deposits,

9, Other NGO/organisations funding agencies (local or foreign),

community based organisation

10, Own fund or fixed deposit/other property asset.

These Course including how to start and run a NGO in India, how to do in documentation, proposal writing & project work, field work and service exchange, Annul and audit report, govt. registrations, incometax exemption registration, FCRA. Etc...

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